Pre-GREAT 2018 Workshop_2/13/2018

Pre-GREAT Workshop: “Poster Presentation Skills” February 13, 2018, 12:00 pm, Bird Library Auditorium (LIB 299) Rebecka Bourn, Ph.D., is a senior scientific writer at Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation. Dr. Bourn earned her PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center. During her graduate studies, her mentor, Dr. Sanjay Bidichandani, taught her that the data always tells a story. This perspective became the basis for her career in science communication. After graduating, she founded a science communications business, where she worked with academic researchers, startups, and pharmaceutical companies to find and tell the stories in their data. Dr. Bourn has also helped write and revise several program grants that were funded in Oklahoma and many other states. Her role in these grants led to her interest in formal mentorship and training in science communication skills. Currently at OMRF, while being a senior scientific writer, Dr. Bourn also helps train junior investigators in science communication and coordinate a small team of writers that support scientists both at OMRF and OUHSC.